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Work on your  Balanced Body and Focused Mind

Kundalini Yoga is known as the “yoga of awareness” because the aim of the practice is to increase your awareness of your physical, emotional and mental state, and helps you reestablish your relations with yourself. It targets the mind, body, soul, and energy centers. Whereas other forms of yoga target the physical body only .


Gardening & Sound


Join us  to practices Gardening & sound healing , engage yourself in a self-discovery journey developing a meditative mind and receiving the healing  sounds and vibration to live a more balanced and stress-free life.

Yoga & Art 

for all Kids 

Time to have fun with your yoga 

Yoga Breathing exercises improve physical, mental, and emotional health stretch and calm.. ART to explore our creative side with fun fall themed projects.



Yoga & Sound Healing class
Create a Balanced Body and Focused Mind


For  everyone,

Sound Healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional well-being by creating a beautiful experience where all layers of our luminous energy field (body, mind, soul, spirit) are awakened gently and lovingly.


Senior Classes

Yoga & Sound Healing class
Create a Balanced Body and Focused Mind

What To Expect

 It is a powerful blend of breathing techniques, stretching, movement, physical postures, meditation, sacred sound, mantra and deep relaxation. This dynamic combination activates the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. Clients who have had crystal sound healing or a gong bath feel deeply relaxed, calm and rested. Most report that they sleep better, feel less stressed and have greater awareness of their health and emotional state.


Balance Your 7 Chakras

We are all made of energy. Everything in the universe operates on frequency and vibration, and our bodies are no different.
Because energy moves with your mind, your chakras are also activated according to what you focus on the most – and what you bring into existence with the thoughts you think, words you speak, and actions you take.


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