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The secret of the Recipe


Yogi Tea Original Recipe by Yogi Bhajan


Put 3 quarts of water to boil.

Then add:
– 20 whole cloves
– 20 whole green cardamom pods.
– 20 whole black peppercorns
– 5 sticks of cinnamon
Continue boiling for 15-20 minutes, and then add:
– 1/2 tsp. of Black Tea (any kind)
After two minutes add:
– 1/2 cup of cold Milk (per cup of liquid)
Bring the tea to a full boil and serve.

You can also store the tea in the refrigerator. When it is ready to drink add milk and bring to a full boil, removing it immediately from heat when tea returns to the boiling point.
Add some honey to taste if you like and enjoy!

Nutritional Info:
Cloves: For the nervous system
Cinnamon: for the bones
Black Pepper: Blood purifier.
Cardamom: For the colon
Milk: Aids the assimilation of the spices and avoids the irritation to the colon.
Black Tea: Unify all of the ingredients, and resulting in a new chemical structure that makes this tea a healthful drink.
You can also include slices of fresh Ginger Root, especially when you are suffering from cold, recovering from the flu, or just want some extra energy




Makes 4 servings

4 or 5 zucchinis, unpeeled
4 celery stalks
1 cup parsley leaves
1 spring of mint
Coarsely ground black pepper, to taste
¼ cup nonfat cottage cheese per serving

Wash, dry, and take ends off zucchinis and celery. Wash and dry parsley and mint. Steam zucchinis and celery for 15 minutes or until soft, then puree in a blender with parsley, mint, and ground black pepper. Serve with nonfat cottage cheese.


Eat only this foot for 40 days. Eat as much as you like, but no more than three times a day. Besides helping to loose weight, this diet is excellent for cleaning the intestines and clearing your skin. You may also drink Yogi tea with this monodiet.


This recipe is based on the drink Kundalini Yogis have been consuming for years, especially after consecutive days of deep seated meditation. Personally, I love a mug of golden milk in the evening, when I am curled up in front of the fire with candles, soft music playing, and a good book. My inner child feels cozy, healed, and loved. We all need more of that these days, so make this at home, enjoy it, and share it with those around you. 

Step 1: Make a turmeric paste.


  • 4 tbsp ground turmeric

  • 1 cup water

Add turmeric and water to a saucepan or skillet. Simmer and stir until it forms a yellow paste. Continue stirring once it starts to thicken so it does not burn. If it gets too thick, add a little more water. Note: Heating activates the healing qualities of the turmeric.

You can keep the paste refrigerated and use a few spoonfuls whenever you would like to make golden milk. (Do not store it in a plastic container or use plastic utensils, as the mixture will start to soften the plastic.)


Step 2: Make the magic milk.


  • 1 mug of milk of your choice. Cow, goat, almond, hemp, oat, macadamia, and soy are all great options. (I always use sweetened almond milk.)

  • 1/2 tsp turmeric paste, adjust to your taste

  • 1 tbsp sesame or coconut oil, not the toasted kind

  • Honey, or other sweetener, to taste. (I add local honey during allergy season, which eliminates my allergies.)

For each serving, combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Heat gently, just up to the boiling point. Use a whisk or beater to froth it up.

Voila—you have it! Pour into a mug, get cozy, and enjoy one of the healthiest, and most delicious drinks around.


This tea is used by men or women to dissolve fatty tissue from their bodies. For this purpose, drink 2-3 glasses per day. It also improves the beauty of the skin, giving a youthful appearance.

1/2 – 3/4 cup fresh or dried mint leaves
1 lb. cumin seeds
1 oz. fresh or frozen tamarind
1/2 tsp black salt (also called sulfur salt. Use only a little. It has a strong smell.)
8 lemons, quartered
1 Tbsp. black pepper
5 Qts. Wat


Put ingredients in a pot. Bring to a boil. Lower the flame and cook at a low boil for 4-5 hours. This much time is required to draw the extract from the cumin seeds. Then strain and serve hot or cold. You can re-use the ingredients to make more tea. Just add a little more (more water, or more of the ingredients) each time you boil. Be sure to remove the lemon peels between boiling. Tea can be stored up to a week in the refrigerator.

For the skin, drink 2 glasses per day. It cleanses the mucous membrane of the colon and is an excellent source of Vitamin C.



Makes 1 serving

Juice of ½ lemon
1 cup of warm water

Pour lemon juice in water, and drink through a straw over a half and hour period, the first thing in the morning. When taking according to these guidelines, this simple drink will help detoxify the liver, colon, and blood. It will suppress appetite and act as a healing food.


 “Sat Nam,” meaning “true identity” or true essence.” 

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