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The Enlightede Orgonites Mantra  Necklaces 

Wearing our Healing  Mantras Orgonite Necklace, or orgonite pendants, is the best way to feel positive energy and happiness, and absorb the Orgone energy. That’s the effect of using Orgonite, which helps shift negative vibes to good ones.

The Enlightened Harmony  Orgonite mantra necklace

When you wear our  Healing Necklace, it’ll always be in contact with your body. With that, your energy will absorb the orgone energy (bio energy), then will be brought back to its balanced state.

 Each Neclaces  Orgonite is handcrafted  with  Love and Care  Mantras harmony.Ensuring that every piece is unique and infused with positive intentions. Embrace the power of symbolism and the energy of orgonite in this remarkable creation.

"All our Necklaces  contain:

Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite, Pyrite, Black Obsidian, Amethyst. (some bigger ones have even more) in order to pack these elements into small, portable shape, I have to crystallize the stones to tiny pieces then pack them into these small OGs." 



Available in 10 different Healing  Crystals RED-Red Jasper offers grounding and stability. A variety of quartz with Iron inclusions, this bear not only helps your little one stay calm and grounded, but also offers EMF protection.ORANGE: Tiger Eye, also a variety of quartz, helps your child to be more confident, courageous, and creative. (this bear also includes Orange Aventurine to amplify EMF protection)YELLOW: Citrine, a yellow variety of quartz, helps your child to be more confident, radiant, and happy.GREEN: Green Aventurine, a variety of quartz, helps with all matters of the heart so it is sure to fill your little one with love while also offering powerful EMF protection.BLUE: Lapis Lazuli helps to increase psychic abilities, and helps your child to communicate better. This bear also includes Amazonite to amplify EMF protection, calm your child, and also helps them communicate better. Clear Quartz is also added as an amplifier.PURPLE: Rose Quartz, a pink variety of quartz brings your child unconditional love, removes emotional blockages.SILVER: Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, calms and soothes your childs mind. This bear also includes flakes of Silver to encourage healing and much more....  

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