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Yoga alone is wonderful for both your physical and mental health, but when you combine it with other forms of physical activity, you can truly maximize your physical wellness.


1) Cardio & Strength

2) Regulating Emotions

3) Controlling Stress

4) Reconnecting Body and Mind

5) Relaxation

  •     Strengthen your Entire Structure: When you add yoga to your workout routine, you’ll start working muscles that you didn’t even know about, including connective tissue, respiratory muscles, and mental focus muscles! Workout variety helps you strengthen your entire structure to become more powerful in both your daily life and your physical pursuits.

  •     Maintain Flexibility and Mobility: It is no secret that we lose flexibility as we age, but many people neglect to take action to fight this loss. Yoga is a tool that allows us to consistently work on our flexibility and combat the effects of aging. As we maintain (or even increase) our flexibility and mobility, we become more agile, having more control through a wider range of motion. All of that transfers to other activities.

  •     Increase Motivation: As humans, we naturally love a bit of variety. There is value to having a consistent, structured routine, but an element of variety is equally beneficial. Just like a variety of foods offer different benefits, so does a variety of movement modalities. By adding yoga to your larger workout routine, you’ll get the variety your body craves, which will make it easier for you to stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Fitness & Yoga     Workout


Monday thru Sunday

Group Session

Cost : $25 per session

Classes will have minimum 3   people  max 6  per session.

One hour and fifteen  minutes per session.

Location ::Boca Raton & Wellington 

Monday thru Friday Morning &  Evening  (Wellington)

Saturday & Sunday Morning session ( Wellington)

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Semi-Private (2 persons)

Cost : 40 per person

You can make small private group session. Cost will depend of the number of the group.

One hour and thirty minutes per session.


Private Session

Cost : email to

for more information 

The private class will take for one hour and thirty minutes per session.