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 Sunday Outdoor Intra  Soccer  League

Speed Training /Soccer Games 


              Sundays February 28 March 28
11:30am to 1:00pm

Cost $150  

                 Levis JCC at Boca Raton Soccer Field

Registration is  NOW OPEN

Registration is now OPEN for our Sunday Intra Soccer 5V5  & 7v7  Tournament. This event is fun, competitive, and a great way to bring players of ages  10-13 & 14_18 from your club. The 7v7 format will welcome  Boys & Girls age groups from U10 through to U 18 intra league competition. 


 Sunday Intra  Soccer League  7 V 7 League 

We will play Tournament every weekend, is fun, competitive and a great way to bring players of ages  10-13 & 14_18 years old from your club. The 7v7 format will welcome Boys & Girls  to play games on every Sunday for 5 weeks.

The Intra League   are organized and directed by INDIGOGAP experienced youth sports professionals. The leagues are based to accommodate the players skill levels, from Recreational to Premier. You can make your team or we build your  competitive team ......

The 5  weeks program involve Speed Training and  two  small sided games

7 v 7  per weekend ,  teaches players how to work as a team.




""We spend 15 minutes on Speed training and then play  2 small sided games ( 7 V 7 ) per weekend 


progRam Detail


-Roster will be make it every week

-Roster will be poster on every Wednesday

-A maximum of 10 players may be on a team roster. 

– All rosters must be coed and include at least one members of each gender.

-Any player who does not do so will not be allowed to participate.

Tournament Check-In Procedures

Check-In Procedures

– Teams should check in to the main tent at least 20 minutes before the start of their first match on to receive their team’s shirts. 

– All team players will need to be named on team’s roster 


League format will be set based on final registration numbers. 

–  Teams will be divided into  age and skill divisions. Within each division there will be separate groups. Each team will play at least 2 games per weekend.

–  3 points for a win, 1 point for draws, 0 points for a loss.

– Playoff rounds will be constructed in different ways for each skill category. In all instances, the first tie-breaker is goal differential, second is goals against, third is head to head.  Final tie breaker will be a coin flip

– Qualification for knockout rounds will depend on registration and division make-up.


–  Players and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Law as well as the letter of the Law.  Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area.

– All Referee decisions during game play are final and can not be over ruled


                                  Age Group                 Players on Field                         Speed Training (Gross Motor Skills)                      Game Time

Group 1                         10-13                    7 v 7  including goalie.                               15 mins                                        two games  per weekend

group 2                        1 4+ 18                  7 v 7  including goalie.                               15 mins                                          two games  per weekend            


COVID-19 Safety Measures

We want to assure you that getting back to the fun will not come at the expense of safety. In our leagues, we have undertaken a rigorous "Return to Play Safely" protocol to ensure the safety of your family and all participants. This season, you will notice a few new things during game day including the following safety measures:


  • Equipment will be disinfected before, during and after activities.

  • We will limit the number of spectators at the venue based on state, local and/or venue requirements and guidelines. If spectators are allowed, we strongly recommend that only one parent/guardian per player be in attendance, if possible.

  • Social distancing measures will be implemented on outside soccer field  and celebrations will be modified:

    • Spectators will stand a minimum of 6 feet apart from others and from the sidelines. Social distancing may be greater than 6 feet in accordance with state and local health guidelines.

    • No high fives, handshakes or intentional physical contact

  • Staff, parents and participants will be required to stay home if they or anyone they have come in contact with is sick.

  • No team snacks or drinks.

  • No concessions will be available at the venues.