Kundalini yoga and mediation as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a complete tool to recovery from light and heavier addictions.

The action of specific asana, meditation, pranayam and chanting co-create a space for self-healing coming form a selected combination of kriyas to support recovery.

When in a difficult space there is a tendency to feel ashamed or blame ourselves for the inability to cope succeeding to keep up the balance having an addictive behavior.

The aim of these sessions is to work through certain mechanisms that can be elaborated and possibly shifted in order to support ourselves in our every day lives.

The group practice and the deeper understanding that at times we have been all going through similar challenges, from there the feeling of being welcomed, just as we are.

The topic of each weekly practice is the foundation for a new relationship with the HigherSelf.




Weekly topic

-Emotional awareness

-Elevated being

-Cleansing the subconscious

-How does the negative mind serves us?

-Self-love & acceptance


Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology, comprising of specific physical movements, postures, breathing techniques, and mantras that produce effects on both your mind and body.

Practicing this type of yoga helps you release tension, balance your nervous system, and induce deep relaxation. It helps you strengthen your body, especially your core, and as a resulting in better stress management.

The meditative space it creates helps you to achieve a state of Harmony between body, mind and spirit that genuinely facilities to develop a strong and reliable sense of intuition.

Pranayam - breath work - helps slowing down feeling more balanced and relaxed which enhance creativity, optimism, a sense of connection within yourself and inner peace.


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