Mastering the Mind

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Why meditate?

Another year is coming to the end and we start noticing that time is shrinking, and the clock never stop. December is here and the list of all we have in mind to do is never ending. The reality is that we live in a busy and noisy world where everything is happening, and we are notified second after second with information. Smart phones changed us, we are more digitally connected, closer to people around the globe but at the same time it gets challenging to have a real chat or conversation with a friend, we are always rushing to accomplish things and goals.

Our mind goes faster than our soul and body and sooner or later we receive messages from our human temple called body which cries for attention, more sleep, better food, stress issues or cold depression.

Who really is aware that our mind needs to be our servant and not the opposite way? Did you ever ask yourself that question? Meditation cleans out your subconscious mind… mmm… and how is that really work? With practice and consistence...yes! it is possible, even with just 5 minutes a day.

Meditation is a millenary tradition and it is free. Sounds like a scam. but getting serious... it really works, and it is for everybody.

So… meditation is cleaning your internal house…

How often do you take your garbage can out from your house?

Well, to keep it simple, meditation is taking what no longer serve you out of yourself, so you can have room for new ideas, a fresh perspective or point of view you never contemplated before, find joy, happiness and prosperity even after pain or while you grieve. I am not exaggerating, possibilities are there when we give our mind the chance to clean it up.

When we meditate, we get our mind in neutral, think as a car, when do you use your neutral position? When we need to be still…. While being in neutral mind we can observe the action of both, our negative and our positive mind, thoughts are filtered, and we become flexible and creative and able to reflect the unique of the soul. Neutral is the balance between the positive and negative, too much or not enough of each one can place us in trouble.

What is the ultimate of a balanced mind? That the mind can serve your soul and consciousness and can works a support in your journey called life, projection and perspective with less judgment comes familiar and we begin to understand the meaning of no attachments and less ego.

Are you able to talk to your mind? When we discover our source that is our soul aligned with God, the mind become our servant to help us realize our fulfilment or purpose.

Meditation creates a communication between you and your mind, and between your mind and your body.

Calmness comes and instead of overthinking and overeating we surrender for that present moment and on that silence, we learn to listen our own voice of our own soul.

This is the list of some benefits of meditation

· Promotes a sense of well-being, inner peace, stability and calm

· Develops the intuition

· Transform emotion to devotion

· Promotes clarity,mental awareness and the ability to be present

· Takes us from a finite to an infinite perception of reality

·Release reactions and unconscious habits, subconscious fears and blocks and builds the link to become aware.

· Resolvers core issues of stress-producing patterns

"What is meditation? When you empty yourself and let the universe come into you." - Yogi Bhajan

Next topic will be discussing the big question…stopping the mind is possible? And Preparing for meditation.

Written by

Carolina (Amrit Narayan)

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