Kundalini Yoga & Art 



"Creative play, physical activity, games 

songs ,dance & art "

Each class will include yoga, an art project and playtime. Your kids will stretch, strengthen, balance, meditate, dance  and have fun playing and explore their creativity interacting with one another. 

They will learn techniques that lead to self health, relaxation and inner fulfillment. Children gain confidence in a non competitive environment while helping them to feel to express their unique self creativity.

Through art the children can develop an intimate relationship with the world around them naturally.

The children create at their level with gentle guidance, while developing their own personal artistic expression. 

Benefits of Kundalini yoga class for children:

  • Improves behavior, sleep, strength, co-ordination, balance and flexibility

  • Better understanding of themselves and the world around them

  • Teaches good values and morals and healthy communication

  • Develops focus and concentration

       Boosts self-esteem and confidence